On November 12, , in Clendenin, West Virginia, a gravedigger working in a cemetery spotted something strange. He glanced up from his work when something huge soared over his head, a massive figure that was moving rapidly across the cemetery from tree to tree. This was the first reported sighting of what would come to be known as the Mothman, an elusive creature that, although now widely celebrated by the town it once terrorized, remains as mysterious as it was on the night that a few frightened witnesses first laid eyes on it. Charles Johnson, U. Eyewitnesses Roger Scarberry and Steve Mallett told the local paper , The Point Pleasant Register , that the beast had bright red eyes about six inches apart, a wingspan of ten feet, and that it seemed to want to avoid the bright headlights of the car. According to the witnesses, the creature was able to fly at incredible speeds — perhaps as much as miles per hour, one of the men told reporters — although all agreed it did make for a clumsy runner on the ground. They knew because the creature allegedly chased their moving vehicle to the outskirts of town in the air, then scuttled into a nearby field and disappeared. But more and more sightings were reported in the Point Pleasant area over the next year as the legend of the Mothman took shape. One sighting, reported by Salem, West Virginia, resident Newell Partridge , told of strange patterns that appeared on his television screen one evening, followed by a mysterious sound just outside of his home. Shining a flashlight toward the direction of the noise, Partridge supposedly witnessed two red eyes resembling bicycle reflectors looking back at him.
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In West Virginia folklore , the Mothman is a creature reportedly seen in the Point Pleasant area from November 12, , to December 15, The Mothman was introduced to a wider audience by Gray Barker in [2] [3] , and was later popularized by John Keel in his book The Mothman Prophecies , claiming that there were supernatural events related to the sightings, and a connection to the collapse of the Silver Bridge. The Mothman appears in popular culture.
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The Legend Of The Mothman Of Point Pleasant Is Born

The state of West Virginia has had its fair share of strange and often inexplicable events such the visitation of the Flatwoods Monster and Indrid Cold , but perhaps the strangest yet is the arrival of the creature known as the Mothman , who changed the sleepy little town of Point Pleasant forever when it swooped in one cold autumn night in Today, Mothman is one of the most well-known cryptids in the world, made famous partly by John Keel's book later adapted to film The Mothman Prophecies. Mothman is also hunted in Mountain Monsters on Destination America. Five men were in a cemetery preparing a grave for burial when they saw something they couldn't explain. Lifting off from the nearby trees was a brown winged creature. The men held to the fact that what lifted off beyond the trees was no bird; it was a humanoid. The creature was sighted in many places across West Virginia and the surrounding states, but the largest number of sightings happened near the old West Virginia Ordnance Works, an area now known by locals as the "TNT Area. An igloo in the TNT Area, built thick to prevent a chain-explosion from the barreled gunpowder inside. The facility, during its operation, manufactured ammunition and dynamite. The surrounding area is mostly forest, dotted with numerous grassy clearings and thick concrete domes, called "igloos," that were used to store barrels of gunpowder.
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​D I S C O V E R

Subscriber Account active since. A Saturday tweet posted by Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia wishing Mason County residents a happy Mothman Festival caught the eye of President Donald Trump — possibly because the tweet included a photo of the senator standing in front of the creepy, metallic foot-tall statue of the moth-human hybrid. Whether he was aware of the Mothman legend or not, Trump quote-tweeted Manchin on Sunday and wrote, "I go along with Joe! But even if Trump wasn't endorsing the Mothman Festival specifically, the presidential nod toward a creature that terrorized the town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia in the 60s, and brings upward of 2, tourists a year to its annual festival, begs the question — what is the Mothman? And why do people celebrate him? Read more: Trump hopes 'they release' his call with Ukraine's president, in which he says he talked about both Joe and Hunter Biden and 'corruption taking place'. The legend of the Mothman began on November 12, , is said to have began when a group of five men preparing for a burial in a graveyard near Clendenin, West Virginia saw something that looked like a "brown human being" take off from a nearby tree and fly over their heads. Three days later, two young married couples were driving past an abandoned TNT plant near Point Pleasant described seeing a six- or seven-foot-tall creature with wings folded against its back, according to American Hauntings. They sped away once they sighted it, but the creature reappeared on a nearby hillside, then started flying behind the car, which the couples said was driving over mph. That same night, another group of four people, along with the two couples, reported seeing a similar creature to the police.

See the largest collection of props and memorabilia from the movie "The Mothman Prophecies"--in the town where the Mothman sightings and encounters actually occurred. Read rare historical documents from the Mothman eyewitnesses themselves, documenting what they experienced that fateful night on November 15, See rare historical press clippings and photographs of the Silver Bridge disaster.

There is plenty here to be discovered. Research and uncover the truth for yourself. Take your picture with the famous Mothman Statue that sits next to the Mothman Museum.

Mothman Prophecies prop collection used in the film. Where else can you see all of this in one place? We are the premiere stop for Mothman fans! The only place in the world where you can see a display of the props that where used in the filming of the Mothman Prophecies by Sony Pictures. A life-sized replica of Mothman waits to greet you as you enter our museum. Don't forget to bring your camera!

These are just a few of the exhibits and archives that are in the World's Only Mothman Museum with a recently expanded addition in the back and something new coming in ! The only place in the world where you can find the original police depositions handwritten by the eyewitnesses, documenting exactly what it is they experienced on that fateful night. He decided to focus his investigations on Point Pleasant as his case study. As it turned out, he would not be disappointed with his selection. Discover who or what was Mothman. Was it an alien?

A winged demon? You decide. Bring your camera when you visit because there's plenty of Mothman photo ops. Our museum houses some of the world's most rare and vintage archives documenting the events that took place here in There's something for everyone to explore. Mothman wasn't the only mysterious element of the events that took place in Point Pleasant in The secretive and suspicious Men In Black did too. Find out more about these illusive men in our museum. Who was Mary Hyre and how did her role in the paranormal phenomenon play a pivotal part in the mysteries that surrounded Point Pleasant in the 's?

You are sure to find out when you visit us. View rare original press clippings from the Silver Bridge Disaster that took place exactly 13 months to the day of the Mothman sightings in Point Pleasant. Revisit the paranormal phenomenon that haunted Point Pleasant 50 years ago. Plenty of photo opps. Look for our Mothman Museum highway signs at the Point Pleasant exits. You can get all of the latest updates on our facebook page, so make sure you connect with us there by clicking on the facecbook icon. If you need to contact us, please feel free to email or use the contact page here on our website!

You can also find us on Twitter by clicking the Twitter icon above.

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